Evolution is a stretch.


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Let's use that minute to Prove that the Evidence Against Evolution is Overwhelming!

Consider the animals pictured on this page. Each has to have a very similar mate in order to propagate. Not exactly the same, as you know, but very similar.

Yet, if evolution was true, it took millions of years for simple cells to change - evolve - enough to become as complex as a giraffe ... or an elephant, or a ... . You know what I mean.

Evidence Against Evolution

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That's all it takes to disprove evolution!

The beautiful, intricate, inter- dependent, working system of life on earth is complicated and yet so simple to understand.

Don't be afraid to look around you and accept that creation required an Intelligent and Loving Creator!

See the box centered below for more on what that Creator is like and Who that Creator is! -Don't worry; you can still be "you". The True God of the Bible is Love and very much WANTS YOU to spend eternity with Him!

Did you know that many evolutionists cling to their theories because they either fear, hate, or cannot believe in a God who would send some people to the horrors of hell?

The really Good News is that the Creator God of the Bible is in Total Control of Everything He has created! You were made in the Image of God. You are also a sinner in need of change and forgiveness, but God also made even that possible through faith in, and surrender to, His Son, Jesus Christ.

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But if it took millions of years for Giraffe George (or Gertrude) to become a fully developed, ready-to-function giraffe, then Gertrude (or George) would have died out long before that point.

Alas! -With no "True Love" to mate with, there would be no giraffes at all!

But there ARE giraffes. -And elephants, and pandas, and cats, and ... .

Evolution is false. The evidence against evolution is OVERWHELMING!